When I started this blog, it was basically an outlet to talk about the changes I experience in the awesome role of mother. Another reason for Bibs & Baubles was for me to have more opportunities to exercise my writing muscle. Yes, I write for a living but that’s different. It have to write things to fit into a certain time frame. Sometimes, I want to write until my brain tells me that I’ve said all I need to say. No time, no real rules. So, I do that here.

Thankfully, I’ve gotten more opportunities to write that way on other platforms as well. So today, I’m sharing some of that with you. One such opportunity came in the form of Yahoo! News. I wrote a piece about 9/11. Everyone can tell you where they were when they heard of or saw the events of 9/11. Everybody also has a story of how it changed them. I wrote my account in an article for Yahoo! News. Check it out here.

14 comments on “Writing my heart out…”

  1. I write for a living too! But it is WAY different to pour your own heart out than it is to write someone else’s story. That’s been my experience with blogging, anyway 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your 9/11 story. It’s compelling that you are able to look at it with such perspective to see the life that it breathed into your journey.

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