Fall is coming and I’m looking forward to it. As much as I love summer and its flowy dresses and flirty sandals I’m looking forward to fall’s fashion. I guess it’s the midwest girl in me.  I’ve always like the fashion of fall best. One thing I’ll be rocking this fall is this cute little cap.

My friend, Ima made it for me and I’m looking forward to throwing it into the mix with the rest of my fall finds. I love the purple flower. It’s just the right amount of cute! It seems like so many people have gone into business for themselves lately and Ima is no exception.  She decided to put her crochet skills to use and created a company with the cutest name – Get Hooked by Ima. She makes all kinds of things from baby blankets to super cute hats.

via gethookedbyima.com
via gethookedbyima.com
via gethookedbyima.com

It’s pretty ridiculous how much you can do with a crochet needle. As an average knitter myself, I’m thoroughly impressed and slightly jealous! Check out her site for cool stuff for your bambino or your next baby shower.

I wasn’t paid for this post, just really impressed with my buddy and her creativity!

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