I used to be a bit of a workout-a-holic. I would faithfully suit up in my workout gear after work and hit the gym. After getting married I wanted to go straight home after work so I would get up in the mornings before work and hit the gym. Once I knew we were ready to try to get pregnant I switched up my routine and added Pilates into the mix. I worked out up until I was 38 weeks pregnant. Since the birth of my baby I have worked out once.for 12 minutes.I was exhausted. What in the world happened to me?!?!  He is now pushing 16 months and I still haven’t managed to get in a push up. I have a gym membership that is currently a bit of a joke. I have workout DVD’s at home. I’ve done nothing. I struggle to find the time to work out. I’m too tired to get up earlier than my up at 6am baby. Then, I’m at work all day.  I don’t have time at night between cooking dinner, bathing and putting the little guy down for the night. I thought about popping in a DVD once he’s sleeping but there’s still too much stuff to do. From the time he wakes up until about 10 ish my husband and I are on the move. I’m not complaining. I’m just trying to figure out how to fit in one more thing that’s so good for me. I’m thinking about trying to get up at 5a to hit the gym before baby wakes. That’s absolutely crazy, no?

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  1. It’s easier if you can make the exercise something that the three of you do together. My husband and I would put our twin boys in a jogging stroller and then jog 3 miles. Did they enjoy it? Sort of. But we got in the exercise that we needed and wanted.

  2. It is difficult when they’re so young. Little efforts are huge. Take a walk with the whole family or get baby involved. There are great kids yoga DVDs when they get a tad older. Whatever you do, don’t beat yourself up. Mommyhood is hard enough. You’ll get back to where you were.

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