We rate everything. From video games to movies and TV shows. Apparently we need a rating for anywhere wildlife is present as well. It might help a tiny bit in certain situations…like this one. The hubby and I took our little man out yesterday for a day with the animals! Whoo hoo! We didn’t hit up the zoo this time – we went to a wildlife center. It’s a pretty small place. Oddly, it’s right in the middle of a neighborhood. There were about 12 animals there – maybe two more. They’re all rescue – cool. So, I’m guessing this place is like zoo-prep. It’s the total perfect place to take your little one before you break them into the big time. We saw porcupines, owls, foxes, eagles, alligators and some others. The little guy seemed less than impressed and more concerned that his animal friends were in captivity. Since we have a dog, he’s used to being in close proximity with an animal. Not a good idea with the predator type cat that meets you at the entrance of this place. Cages are good. We made our way around to the tortoise habitat and this is where a rating or warning of some sort would come in handy. We saw them from one side of their habitat at first. There was a small wall obstructing our view of the rest of them. We did however hear loud noises coming from their area. That should have been a massive hint! When we finally got around to the other side, this is what we saw.

It’s pretty much tortoise porn! I overheard one child asking his mother what the turtles were doing and only heard her stammer a bit before we walked away. I should have stuck around for her answer. Again, I say, a warning would have been nice. Apparently it’s mating season. HA! Now the noises make sense. Someone tell me how I explain this to my one year old?  Open for suggestions… 🙂

4 comments on “Where the Wild things Are”

  1. haha!! This happened to me last summmer when I took my little to the aquarium and with sea lions…right in the middle for all to see. It was funny and my little guy laughed because the sea lion was pushing the other sea lion because hes to slow lmao!!

  2. It was great to see you in the world’s tiniest zoo lol. i saw the giraffe from the freeway and was so excited to see it only to discover they weren’t part of the wildlife center. the place next door with the more interesting animals apparently houses actor animals lmao. the highlight was the mating tortoises lol. They were so loud haha! I heard a kid ask the parent what are they doing and she said they are loving each other haha=) I sure hope that kid didn’t go to school on monday and tried to jump on top of another kid hahaha

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