Did you know the COO of Facebook is a woman? Yeah, me either. Well, her name is Sheryl Sandberg and she recently made some interesting observations about women in the workplace while making a speech. As a mother of two, she certainly has insight on the matter. She acknowledged that the choices women face regarding professional success and personal fulfillment is a hard one and she, like many of us, is still trying to find the answers. No surprise there, right? However, she did say something that really stuck with me. She said, “Your job better be really good to go back to, because it’s really hard to leave that kid at home.” I guess I kind of agree with that. But only kind of. I have a pretty cool job and I like it and I really like the people I work with and I recognize that I have a job that a lot of people would at least give a pinky toe for. That being said, I struggle every.single.day with going to work and sending my little guy to day care. I don’t spend nearly enough time with him because I work. It’s hard to reconcile having a career and being mommy. One is obviously more important but, the other isn’t chopped liver. The more I talk to other people about it, I’m learning, there are no easy answers or solutions and everyone is just trying to figure it out and do the best they can along the way. Are you a working mom? How do you deal with the mommy guilt?

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