Everything changes when you have a baby… even your email! I have an old email account that I rarely check. It hasn’t really been a priority since I got married. I used it mainly to organize all of the wedding emails with vendors and such. I also used it to subscribe to some super cool newsletters! They were all about fashion. Places to shop, sales to check out, vacations to take, parties to attend. Fun stuff! Fast forward to my current email. It’s filled with “your baby week by week”, “how is your baby growing”, “what is your baby doing at this stage”, “things to buy for your baby”. You get the picture. My baby has taken over my email! I considered getting him his very own email address for all the baby related stuff I get. Funny thing is, I excitedly open and read every single “baby” email just like I used to check the latest “trendy shopping” emails. My how times have changed! Don’t get me wrong I still love my shopping… just lately I love shopping for baby clothes and toys even more. What have been your biggest changes since moving into the parent ‘hood?

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