When I think of my kids, I’m reminded of how old I am. Not so much in a bad way. It’s just that I sometimes think of all the things that were so common to me when I was growing up. These things will be so foreign to them.

As I sit and think, some things really stick out. Indulge me, will you?

Cassette tapes – I still have a few. So what if I don’t have a cassette player to play them in

Walkman – First they were just little radios, then they added the cassette feature. Heck they even moved on to the CD walk-man. Now, it’s all about the iPod please. Can’t be bothered with carrying around a variety of music these days. Download, please.

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Atari 2600 – Yes, there are still video game consoles but not like my beloved Atari. It was ah-mazing!! I thought I was big time when I got that. I played PAC-Man and Asteroids OUT.

33’s and 45’s – I’m talking records, people! I had Sesame Street records, New Edition’s first record, MJ’s Thriller. Records have now gone the way of the doh doh bird.

8 tracks – OK, this was really before my time. My parents still had a few hanging around though.

Floor Model TV – We had that HUGE TV that pretty much meant you had moved on up like the Jefferson’s.

A TV without a remote control – Oh, the horror. Even worse… a TV with less than 4000 channels.

I’ll make sure to let my babies know about all of the stuff they missed before technology took over. I’m sure they’ll feel slighted. Or they’ll just be convinced that they’re mom is an old lady with a knack for talking about antiques.

What did I miss? Do you have anything to add?

33 comments on “Who You Calling Old?”

  1. I am glad I was not alone, I had a Sesame Street record that I wore out. Still have it too. Also still have Prince’s album–Purple Rain. I’m glad my parents kept them all, because every now and then I love to go back and play with them.
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    • I KNOW!!! My son has little people now and I’m like these aren’t the “real” little people. First of all, they’re no longer “little”! LOL!

  2. I still have ALL of my new edition and Michael Jackson albums!!! My mother is the only one with a record Player though!

  3. Gosh I used to love my Walkman and cd player! I can’t wait to show it to my little man someday soon:-)

  4. I know I know I know! My parents were not ones to invest in the latest and greatest technology so it really wasn’t until the mid 90s did we finally have a remote tv…yes the horror! But you know what, it’s a good thing they brought us up that way because I couldn’t imagine spending all that money on the newest blu ray player, 3-d tv, and having all the versions of the iphone since it came out.
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  5. My husband and I were running the other day and saw a man with a CD Walkman. I’m not sure what’s more crazy — him having a Walkman (in his defense, he WAS a pretty old guy) or us whispering about him like he’d just walked off another planet.

    Times surely have changed.

  6. Yep, I had records!!!! I also remember the old curly phone cord BEFORE cordless phones. Then the first cordless phone we had was huge and had a 5 foot antenna! Okay, maybe not that long, but I thought it was pretty awesome. Also, what did we do before call waiting? And when you got dropped off at the mall and had to meet somewhere after two hours instead of calling on their cell phone. Oh technology. Love it, lived without it and survived though;)
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