Say cheese! "No"

When I dropped him off at day care and felt like I’d left my heart behind.

When I handed him over to a teacher at day care so she could get to know him. He looked at me with concerned eyes and I wanted to take him and run.

When I stare at him while he’s playing and find myself smiling at all the things he’s learning.

When I hold him long after he’s gone to sleep just to keep him near me.

When I called his day care everyday for a month just to see how he was doing.

When my heart flutters every time he says mama.

When a baby he was playing with snatched a toy away and hurt his feelings, my heart broke. (then he did the same a week later to another baby! J)

When I held a 7 lb 2 oz little person and knew I’d do ANYTHING to protect him.

That’s when I knew I was a mom.

6 comments on “When I Knew…”

  1. I am totally in love with this post because I totally know what you mean!

    Lboy is learning how to say everything stage & it is sooooo cute I can’t hardly stand it!

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