You probably missed it. It wasn’t all over the news but, there was another Royal Wedding last week. The same day that Kate and William made it official another couple tied the knot as well. A Michigan couple got married just hours before Kate and William. Their wedding was held at a famous castle. The one called White Castle.  Marquisa and Donahvan met at the burger chain two years ago and thought it would be the perfect place to tie the knot.  The bride said, “When he came in and flashed those dimples it was like, it melted me instantly.” This story gets even better. The happy couple was married by a local DJ who goes by the name “Puddin”. He just so happens to be an ordained minister. This shin-dig was all a part of a promotion put on by the radio station where “Puddin” works to help a cash-strapped couple get married on the same day as the Royals. Apparently the couple, who co-own a tattoo shop, fit the bill. When the deed was done,  the couple didn’t munch on tea and scones. No, they were at White Castle for goodness sakes! Burgers for everyone – free of charge, on the restaurant. The bride summed up the day, “my favorite food and my favorite people, can’t ask for more.” I guess you have to give them points for creativity, right? I think I should add this to my 40 Before 40 list. Two exceptions: I’m already married and I don’t live near a White Castle. These are minor details people, minor details!

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  1. For some reason it cut me off…. I was going to finish with I totally would’ve gotten married at Taco Bell. Meximelts for my reception? yum!

  2. I’ve never been to White Castle before but I would totally get married at In-n-Out burger if they gave away free burgers after the wedding.

  3. Thanks for posting. This is a hoot! Had I known the venue would offer to pick up the tab, we would have had our ceremony at college and they could have thrown in our student loans too!!!

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