Oprah has a famous phrase…OK, she has a few of them. The one I’m thinking about is “What I know for sure”. That’s the one that sticks with me. This question was presented to me in a writer’s workshop some time ago and I always meant to address it. No time like the present, right? Where do I start? There are few things in life that are a sure thing. Since I know this to be true, I am very thankful for the things that I KNOW are a sure thing. For me, I’d have to say God is a sure thing. For so many reasons my faith in God is  definitely a sure thing. Since my faith informs so much about me, everything else just kind of flows from there. Sure thing number two is that I know whatever happens I’ll be alright. I think about this more often because of all the recent events. People losing their homes and their jobs because of an uncertain economy makes me more sure that life is about more than those things. They come and they go but somehow we press on.  Someone always has it worse, and even when you’ve lost everything you have enough left to start over. Even if all you have is yourself. Love is another thing I know for sure. Whether it be my husband’s love, my baby’s love or my parent’s love. There’s a security there that I know for sure. Family is truly everything. I don’t think I realized this in my younger days like I do now. I think my baby brought it all full circle for me. It’s not about money, career or status – it’s about family. Without family what’s the point of it all? What things do you know for sure?

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  1. What I know for sure is a great question to ask youself. I think you have a very good list of things. Family is everything and love is important.

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