There is nothing like becoming a mama to keep me humble. Let me explain…

I was hanging out in my son’s room, reading books. We were just shooting the breeze and then the following conversation went down.

Son: Mommy, you have string in you hair.

Me: I do?

Son: Yeah, can I touch it?

Me: Sure, baby

We kept playing. Then, he obviously distracted, says again Mommy, you have string in you hair.

I’m thinking what’s with this string? Is there really a string?

Me: What color is the string, baby?

Son: White

Me: (dryly) Oh

I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was my hair. Must he point out that mama is rocking WAY too many strands of white hair these days? I’m pretty sure a few of these have his name on them.

11 comments on “Things Kids Say : On Aging”

  1. That was cute. I like how he sees your white hair. I don’t know if it’s the same with other kids but as far as I have noticed kids tend to become sad when they’re told mama or papa is getting old.

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