Because reality TV isn’t enough, the Jackson family just had to become the latest real life soap opera.

Over the last couple of weeks, this family has been all about the drama! From reports of family matriarch, Katherine being missing to rumors of her being drugged by her kids! It all played out on Twitter with blogs following every single detail. Whether all of their drama is centered around the money in Michael Jackson’s estate, or their mother’s health and well-being, I don’t know.

What seems odd is that the family war was put on the very public Twitter stage by Michael’s daughter, Paris. She got the media storm ball rolling by tweeting of her grandma’s disappearance and calling out her family in the process. My first thought was why is she putting their family business out there via Twitter? It also seemed odd that she’d be arguing with her family (uncle Randy) on Twitter. Then there were the reports of her tussle with Janet and the f-bomb being dropped toward Janet.

People have been screaming about her being a brat and flat out disrespectful. I don’t know what the deal is. What I do know is that I or anyone else shouldn’t look to this family and expect to see any “normal” family relationships. They seem to live in a very different world. What do you think of the Jackson saga? Do you think Paris has been out of line? Have you been following this at all?

13 comments on “Hot Topic: The Jacksons, Umm WTF?”

  1. They just seem like a normal different family. However, I don’t see the point of putting the family on blast on Twitter, that I don’t think its cool. There are just some things that you want to keep private, especially for a very public family.
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  2. She is young and I think she wants the world to know she has been sheltered most of her life so now that she is kind of free she wants everyone to know. She is a teenager but someone needs to sit her down and talk to her

  3. I agree with Kita, she is young and if she was older she might think twice about telling everything. But something is definitely going on within this family. It’s crazy that money can really do this, but its there reality. But honestly, I think the grandmother is too old to be taking care of these children. It will be interesting to see what will happen. I honestly think its time for their MOM to show her face and get these kids.

  4. They aren’t a normal family. They are used to keeping their secrets and issues under wraps. She is a child and I think they have a right to and should put the kibosh on her tweeting about family issues.
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  5. That whole situation was odd. But the Jacksons always have been strange. I don’t think any of them have lived a “normal” life. I think Paris’ tweets were a cry for help. Not sure if there are money wars going on there or not. I don’t want to discount those kids being used for the money quickly and say she is acting out. Whatever the case, I hope for the kids sake it finds resolution.
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  6. I just kept on thinking MJ must be cringing! And i do hope Paris is not a brat…that would just be sooo sad!

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