mi madre bibsbaublesMy mother and I have always been really close. Being that it was just she and I in at home we developed this super close bond. As a little girl, I always remember feeling at ease whenever I saw my Mom. I used to always lay on her lap and she’d rub my back or my hair. Just feeling the warmth of my mom’s hands brought me instant comfort. Everything in my little world could be going wrong but when I saw my mom I just knew she’d somehow fix it – no matter what “it” was. As an adult, I still feel a certain calm when I talk to my mom. Even though we are thousands of miles apart our bond is still super strong.

lg mommy bibsbaublesWhen I look at my own kids I notice how they respond to me. I can’t help but to compare how they are with me to how I was with my mom. From the minute my daughter was born we had a bond. She was crying and immediately calmed to my gentle rock and my voice. My son only needs a rub on his back from me to know that whatever he’s nervous or scared about is going to be OK. As corny as it sounds, I feel so honored that I’m able to bring the same security to my kids that my mom gave me.

lg bibsbaubles 2I don’t know why that hit me extra hard this weekend. There was no one special thing that happened or any light bulb moments. Just in spending time with my babies I notice how all they need is the reassurance from mommy and daddy that all is good in their little world. Once they get that boost from us, they truly think they can do anything.this girl bibsbaubles

I remember my son working through his fear last weekend. He was climbing a new structure that was a little tricky. He was scared and thought about quitting. I was his cheerleader and assured him he could do it. Once he completed it, the pride on his face just made my life! He immediately wanted me to tell his dad and his grandma how great he’d done. He couldn’t run to his dad fast enough to share his news. I was overjoyed to see his confidence grow in those small moments. My voice, my confidence in him got him through it. That makes me want to cry. When I think of how much these two little people look to me and my husband to guide them, to protect them and to tell them they can do anything. That’s big! This mommy thing is something else y’all. Rest assured that I don’t take it for granted.

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  1. Maybe it is something in the air. Being a mother at this moment is the most awesome job. They really do need us so much. Saturday morning I woke up early and snuck out to run some errands and when I got home the baby said, “I was crying for you” that just melted my heart. In our day to day motions we think we are just caring for them but to them we are everything.
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  2. I love watching them watch us when we’re together. My husband is at work all day so when it’s evening or a weekend, I love to watch their eyes slide from one of us to the other, and all is perfect for them at that point.
    I think about that a lot – how my mom has always made me feel at peace. She still does but it’s nice to be a peace-giver too.
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  3. I agree a strong bond will last forever between parents and children. I can see now how much your daughter looks like you. Everyone needs a private chearleader and you are that to your children. You are such a wonderful mom. Keep up the wonderful work!! It will pay off and you will have some wonderful children growing into adults.

  4. Yes yes yes. It warms my heart everyday when I come through the door and Pookah says MOMMY! Like I’m the best thing since sliced bread. I love how he is sitting right up under me RIGHT now and stroking my arm while he watches his show. Sigh. i love being a mommy.

  5. The unconditional love that they have for you is so awesome. Even if I pretend cry they come and hug me and make sure everything is okay. They show you love when no one else will even if they get older and don’t want you to show it in public…like my son lol
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