swagger-wagon1This family of four is getting a little tight. Our house seems like it’s shrinking more everyday. It could be that the kids toys are taking over. It could be that we just need more space. The kids are sharing a room because we want to keep a bedroom open for our parents when they come to town. I’m pretty sure that them sharing a room is going to have an expiration date. I expect my super tall son to need his own space pretty soon. At that point, we’re in trouble. Oh well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

best-minivans-mazda5The other place where we’re feeling the space crunch… our car. We have an SUV but apparently it’s not big enough. I’ve heard from other people that I need to look into a minivan. My friend actually told me that a minivan was the car of her dreams. I was shocked. Then I heard about how nice the minivans are. Everyone goes on and on about the comfort and the space. Boy, do we need space. Our Explorer has a third row but it’s not enough. With two huge car seats on the second row it’s pretty full in there. When my parents are in town, we have to drive separately or someone has to stay home. It’s impossible for all of us to squeeze in our SUV.

Whenever we see a minivan, my husband smiles and says, “there’s your dream car!” I’m looking for a Range Rover, he’s pointing at a minivan – no bueno! All of this minivan talk is getting to me though. We’re going to be in the market for a car soon. It’s got me thinking if I can be that mom? Can I really rock the mom-mobile, the swagger wagon? Everybody talks about all of the space – and the cup holders. Apparently, I’d be able to get my kids in and out of the car without  a problem. I could serve meals, change diapers and change the world all from the bucket seats of a minivan. I just can’t see myself in one. I wanna be a cool kid as long as I can and I think the van would take my cool. Wouldn’t it?  Don’ answer that!

funny-stick-figure-families-on-mini-vansIn so many ways, it seems like it would be best for the family. Can’t I just be selfish on this one though and go with what I like? It’s not like I’m choosing a death trap. Everyone is safe in our SUV. Even if they’d be more comfortable in the minivan. Comfort is overrated, for now… right? What are your thoughts on the minivan. Do you drive one? Would you?

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12 comments on “Rolling in My…Minivan?”

  1. You can be a cool mom in a minivan!!! 🙂

    I don’t mind it so much because kids come with a ton of stuff, but my husband says there’s no way in Hades we are ever getting one. I think he’ll change his mind though. We are about to have two kids too.

  2. I am not the one for the mini van lol but I have seen some nice ones. I drove one when we rented (they didn’t have any cars left so they upgraded us) I felt old…I prefer the trucks with a third row. My car is fine for now but my next will be some type of truck honda pilot most likely
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  3. Lol, I’m not a minivan girl! I’ve rented in the past minivans and have totally love them. I feel like I’ve already given up a lot of things having kids, I can’t give up my car too. Lbvs

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