It’s becoming more and more apparent to me that I have some pretty tall kids. My son is an inch or two shy of 4ft. He’ll be 5 in November. My daughter had her 2 year old check up recently and we found out that she is 3ft even. Both of them are almost off the charts in height. Of course their doctor looks at me with a laugh and says, “I wonder where they get their height from?” I have read that you can double whatever height your kids are at 2 years old and that’s how tall they will be. Their doctor says it’s not exact but could be pretty close. If that’s correct, my son will be 6’4″ and my daughter 6′!

laila mommyI am 6’1″ and my husband is 6′. Clearly mama is bringing the long legs. It looks like I’ve passed that right on down to my babies. For my son, I see this being a great thing. Everyone loves a tall boy/man, right? I’m sure he’ll be all about sports. He’s already a fan. It’s my daughter where I get concerned. I know I’m thinking about all of my experiences growing up. It wasn’t great being the tall girl. My life has been full of crazy, rude question and comments. People tend to be mesmerized a bit, too.tall my lifeAs much as people love my height now, it was a reason to ridicule me when I was younger. I had a hard time with it. My mom gave me endless pep talks. I don’t know that I fully took them in though. She’s 5’8″ and I just didn’t think she could fully relate. At one point, she put me in modeling school because she wanted to boost my self-esteem. That actually worked. It was something about being able to see my height as something desirable that changed the game for me. Being able to see these women who were considered beautiful, in part because of their height, resonated with me. It also gave me some women to look to as role models.

tln modelsHere’s where I think my daughter will have an advantage. The models who I looked up to were not accessible to me. They were my height  role models but I hadn’t met them and couldn’t talk to them about my experiences. My daughter, thankfully, will have me. I’m praying she’ll be more confident than I was and won’t let her height make her feel inferior. I love that I’ve been down that particular road that she’s about to travel. I can give her advice from first hand experience. Hopefully the confidence I now have in myself will be the same confidence she grows up with. Tall girls rock! I am going to make sure she knows that. She doesn’t have to inherit my insecurities. I’m excited for her journey.



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  1. I’m kind of tall 5’9″ – I agree Tall Girls ROCK! Hubby is 6′ and our son is 6’5″ …. One good thing about being tall – it takes a while for weight gain to show up 🙂

  2. I love this! You’re so right about being the role model for your daughter too! She’s going to look at you and know how super fab she will be as an adult and love every part about her height! Great great post!

  3. Both of my kids are going to be a good bit taller than me. It used to make my daughter self-conscious how tall she was! Now she loves her height.

  4. Love this! I’m only 5’10” and I’ve always felt awkwardly tall. I’ve adjusted to it now, but my daughters will be taller. I am trying to get them to love their bodies and embrace their heights. Tall girls do rock!
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  5. I always wanted to be shorter, but at 5’8″ I’m still taller than most of my friends. I always adored my 6′ tall girl friend in high school. She is so elegant today too.
    Doctors predict both of my sons to be 6’6″. I’m not sure I’m ready for them to be taker than me.

  6. It’s so funny because I had exactly the same problem growing up, except reversed. I’ve always been tiny. Now, I’m only 5ft and I was teased so much when I was little. I couldn’t go on any of the rides at birthday parties because I was too short (even though I was the oldest in my year). People always assumed I was a lot younger than I was until I started to dress a lot older too. I still to this day (I’m 22) struggle to feel comfortable in flat shoes and wear heels on a daily basis (my feet are already showing signs of bunions).

    I can totally sympathise with you. Can we have a Short girls rock too hashtag? I hope so much that when I have kids they can at least be an average height!

    Katie <3
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  7. Love the picture of you and your daughter. But yea, she’s clearly going to be tall, she’s a wee bit taller than my son was at her age (not that it’s any future height prediction.

    It’s great to see you gearing up to be your daughter’s cheerleader for self-esteem. Children need someone in their corner and clearly she has a great momma to do so!
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  8. I’m medium – close to 5’5″; my oldest daughter reached 5’9″. I envy the tall girls who rock because they can see over the aisles and know where people are. Your daughter will definitely benefit from your knowledge and understanding about good posture and presentation. I really enjoyed this post today!
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  9. My daughter is going to be really tall too. She’s only 9, but already wears a women’s size 10 shoe and is almost as tall as me. 🙂

  10. I am so happy your daughterwill have youto look up to! My husband is 6’4 and the men on my side of the family tend to be taller, but the girls shorter but I’m convinced that my daughter will be tall like everyone in my husband’s family.I will have to come back and show her this if she is!!
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  11. Studies have shown that children who are surrounded by confident parents will also exhibit that same sense of self worth. Yes, pep talks are one thing. But, when she sees a confident, tall and proud person (you) everyday, she will have no reason to think that being tall is not ok. Tall Girls Rock! Love it.

    Thrifting Diva

  12. I believe it is very important to teach your daughter to be proud of her height at an early age. I’m also 6ft and my husband 6’4ft so she can’t help but to be tall. And I’m so glad to see that she is not ashamed of it. Kids can be so mean but she’s ready for them lol.

  13. It’s such a gift to be tall but I know how hard it is to be the different one (i’m a redhead, not the same as being tall but I can empathise to some degree). Beautiful photos and I’m sure your daughter will make a wonderful model!
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