Let me start by saying this. I have never been away from my babies. Wait, let me correct that. I went to BlogHer a few years ago when my son was smaller. Other than that, I have been with them. When we travel, the kids are with us. My son is almost 5. It wasn’t until recently that I realized I could use some time away. When I worked full time, I didn’t think I needed time away because I felt like I was away all the time as it was. Most of my days were spent away from them. Now that I am at home with them full time, I see the need for a break for adult time.

moms-night-outA couple of my girlfriends and I were talking. We realized we are all on the same page and decided to plan a road trip. Since we all have birthdays this month, we decided to make it a birthday trip! I am super excited. We are only going away for one night but I know it’s gong to be EPIC! As crazy as it sounds, I am looking forward to sleeping in. LOL! We can stay up all night and talk, have a wonderful dinner and whatever else we find to get into. The next morning, we can all snooze until we feel like waking up. That, my friends, is a gift. Can you tell I’m excited!

august 26 013

I know I will come back refreshed. That will be a gift to my babies. I also know I will wish that we’d added another day. LOL!

That’s what I’m feeling. What about you? When was the last time you got away child-free?

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  1. Have fun on your road trip. It is good to get away from time to time. My girlfriends and I do a girls trip once a year. We are going on a cruise is two weeks.

  2. Kid-free time is so important for our sanity!! Hubby and I try to get out once a month or so, though I get lots of kids-free time now that I’m back in the office and I like spending time with them now.. not that I didn’t before it just… means more, you know?

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