For some people the warm weather brings on stress. You start thinking about the shorter skirts, fitted dresses, shorts and the dreaded swimsuit. That last one really sticks out. People tend to really get freaked out when it comes to swimwear. A moo-moo on the beach would suit some peeps just fine.

For this whole week,  Land’s End will join 21 real women from Curvy Girl Guide and bloggers for the first National Swimsuit Confidence Week.  The point of this effort is to urge women to feel confident in their swim wear and drop the moo-moo’s this summer. When I heard about this effort, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Even if that meant having to rock a swimsuit in front of all of you. Land’s End made it easy by giving me my choice of suits. Trust, me it’s still scary! That said, here I stand, joining in with other women all over to support Swimsuit Confidence Week! Crazy!

If you still aren’t ready to rock your swimsuit at the beach, I’ve got a suggestion. Start by wearing it doing things you do everyday. Eventually you’ll realize you look silly doing dishes in a one-piece and you’ll make your way to the pool! It’s all about baby steps people!

Disclaimer: I received the swimsuit from Lands’ End in order to participate in National Swimsuit Confidence Week.

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