It’s the time of year I love most. Even though it’s warm in L.A. most of the year, there’s nothing like the spring and summer. It’s the time when we shed some layers to show some skin! Hit the beach and soak up some sun – with SPF, of course. With the warmer temperatures on the way it’s no surprise that some focus has shifted to bikinis. To be specific, celebrities in bikinis. To be even more specific, pregnant celebrities in bikinis.  Hey, this is L.A.

Celebrities seems to be an easy target here, since in our culture they start the trends and society seems to follow. I’m guessing that’s the reason some people question whether women should be rocking a two piece with a baby bump. For me, I have no problem with celebrities or anyone else rocking a bikini when pregnant. I may be a little biased because I certainly wore mine when I was pregnant. I know some people feel like you should be more demure when you are pregnant and cover up. I felt good in my bikini. I was still me, I was just me with a baby bump. I think my husband wanted me to cover up a bit. He’s a little more old school than I am. (Love you honey)

The celebs whose pictures have been slapped across the internet in their swimwear were all tasteful as far as I could see. I think the talk of whether it’s appropriate or not lately stems from celebs posing for maternity shots in the nude. Demi started it, Mariah and Tia did it too. I’m all for maternity pictures as well, even in the nude. Even still, if I was a celebrity I don’t think that I would make those pictures public. The questions I’ve seen is are pregnant celebs showing too much? What do you think?

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  1. I wore a bikini when I was pregnant with my first child. I went swimming almost everyday and I had no problems with it. For my second child I was pregnant during the winter so no swimsuits.

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