One thing is for sure, the weekends go way too fast. It was a beautiful one around here. The weather was lovely and we had plenty to do.

Since our stay-cation this summer, I have become an even bigger fan of being a tourist in your own town. So, while we were at lunch on Saturday, I looked at my husband and said, “Let’s go to Universal Studios!” He was totally on board. Universal Studios Hollywood is part theme park and part outdoor shopping center. It’s also where the show Extra is filmed. We weren’t going to the theme park, we just wanted to get out and get some fresh air.

photo 1We loaded up the kids, hoping they would fall asleep during the ride, and headed off. Baby girl had no problem nodding off. My son on the other hand, fights sleep with everything in his little body. He just stays up asking questions and looking for toys to p lay with. You can tell he’s exhausted, but he won’t give in. This lack of sleep usually leads to an epic meltdown at some point. Sigh. We just hoped for the best.

We hit up a few touristy type shops. I got in the spirit and started taking pictures of everything along the way.

photo 3(1)I somehow convinced my son to wear this had for a minute just so I could get a pic. You can tell he was so into it. Right? Right.

photo 4We went into one of my favorite stores, Lush Cosmetics, and surprisingly had fun. I wouldn’t  have thought that store would be so much fun for kids. They had a good time showing my son how their bath bombs worked. He was playing in the water and letting the bath bomb fizz on his hands. He loved smelling all of the soaps. He really got a kick out of the ones that look edible. Little miss had just woke up and was giving everyone in the store the stink eye. She finally perked up and started pulling stuff in her stroller. That’s when it was time to roll! We can’t be raising a clepto!

photo 1(1)

photo 2(1)In another store, little miss sticky fingers did manage to sneak a raccoon into her stroller. I was looking at girly, Hello Kitty stuff for her and she was in her stroller rubbing on a raccoon she fell in love with. She kept calling it a cat. So I bought it. I know, I’m a sucka.

photo(33)Her brother managed to come home with a dinosaur. You know, because we needed another dinosaur in our house. He also managed to talk his dad into getting him a sucker. Can you tell he was having a good day?

photo 2(2)

We also made our way to the birthday party of my friends daughter. She turned one! It’s pretty cool that our kids are growing up together. Her daughter and my son are the same age and now we have daughters the same age as well. Very cool.

That’s our weekend. How was yours?


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  1. I’ve never been to Universal in California, but my aunt works for the one in Florida. We’re going early next year. And I love Lush. I miss it so much from SF. We do have a few near Boston but that’s far from me. Looks like a great time!
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  2. You guys look like you had do much fun!! If we lived anywhere near Disney/ universal.., I think we would be there ALL OF THE TIME!
    My weekend was marvelous! 🙂

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