It’s officially Fall, but no one told Southern California. I’m not complaining. As I sit here writing this post, it’s 87 degrees. I’m OK with that. What I’ve learned since living here is that people move on just like it’s “Fall”. There are Halloween decorations up, all the coffee houses are selling pumpkin spiced lattes and people are switching up their wardrobe a little to be more Fall like. Shorts and scarves with Ugg boots? Totally cool around these parts. There are a few things I’m loving with the change of seasons. Here’s what I’m feeling this Friday:

Tea lattes are a staple for me. I love them year round but I really love them in the fall. I stay posted at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for a jasmine green tea latte. YUM!tea latte

I also have become a huge fan of sweatshirts. It’s an odd obsession but, they have started getting really cute and some of them can be sexy. This one doesn’t fall under the sexy umbrella but I still love it. I wish I had bought it when I saw it at Target in Michigan. I haven’t seen it at another Target store since.woody party

As I keep trying stuff with my hair, I am looking forward to trying a twist out. I did one not too long ago and it was gorgeous. I wish I had taken at least one picture. I’m going to try it again and see what I can come up with! Mine looked a lot like this…



Once the Style Network decided it was closing, they had a bunch of swag that they needed to unload. So, lucky us… we got a few things. One of my favorite things is the leather bag. It’s huge! It’s perfect for running the kids around. I can throw diapers and a change of clothes in there. It’s also great for working. I throw my laptop in and head to my favorite coffee shop. I have also used it to carry my camera to events. It works much better than having it swinging around my neck the whole time.

style bagAs I look through all of my swag, I’m thinking there may be some stuff in there that I use for a giveaway. Let me know if you’d be interested in that.

Lastly, this right here. I have to thank Amber for introducing me to this. Watch it. You’re welcome!

That’s what I’m feeling this Friday. What things are you loving right now?

11 comments on “What I’m Feeling…”

  1. The hair and that bag are every thing!!
    Girl,I’m dying in my office right now!! What in the entire world is that?!!! Who is doing the back up vocals?! I had to watch it twice! Thank you so much for that much needed Friday laugh!!
    Jenni recently posted…I Ran a 5k… 3 Weeks AgoMy Profile

  2. That bag is EVERYTHING!!!!
    I’m at work so I WILL NOT click on that video…..
    I love chai. Even though I live for coffee, chai soothes the soul.
    I love giveaways!!

  3. Excellent difficulties once and for all, you merely earned a whole new visitor. Exactly what might a person recommend concerning your publish you built some days during the past? Just about any convinced?

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