I am tired. That about sums up how I feel after this weekend. It was a pretty laid back weekend, I guess. There wasn’t a whole lot of our usual shenanigans. We’re typically running around like crazy people finding fun stuff to do in and around L.A. Most of this weekend was spent doing stuff that needed to be done (haircuts, grocery shopping, etc.) It wasn’t until Memorial Day that we ditched the must-do and did some stuff we wanted to do.

We had looked into a few events in honor of Memorial Day but all of them seemed like they’d be too packed to enjoy it with our babies. So, we started thinking of what we could do instead. We ended up piling into the car and just driving. I was on my phone checking emails and talking to the kids. When I looked up, we were in Long Beach. Sweet!

I knew lunch had to be our first stop. We hadn’t eaten since breakfast and it was getting close to 1p. The kids were going to turn on us soon. We had a nice, low-key lunch and then headed out to walk the pier. There are always a million things going on at any given pier at any given time. There was a band performing old Motown tunes. They had quite the crowd.

may 26 dump 030We walked a bit further and saw boats. I looked at my husband and told him I thought that would be cool. He agreed and we got our tickets and headed for the line to wait for our tour by boat. My husband was singing the theme song from Gilligan’s Island while we were in line. Not exactly the tune you want to have stuck in your head before you get on a boat! LOL! I’m always up for being a tourist in Southern Cali. There are always so many things to do. It’s easy to stumble up on something cool.

The kids are always up for anything on the water so they were excited. I’m the same way. I wonder where they get it from. *shrugs* The boat ride was an hour and that was just enough with two small kids.

may 26 dump 036They had a good time. My son kept saying he saw sharks in the water. His imagination goes wild often. LOL.

may 26 dump 042My daughter loved looking out at all the ships and she saw a few ducks and seagulls along the way. That was all she needed.

may 26 dump 033We ended the day at the park to let them release what ever sillies they had left before we got home for dinner. I always love to just watch them run around and be kids. It’s fun to get to be a kid again with them. That’s the awesome gift of parenthood.

How was your weekend? Any Memorial Day events? Great food?

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  1. What a wonderful day! I would love to find myself and my children on a boat for the day. I don’t think we’ve ever been out before. We’ve been on a tiny boat around our camp to fish on our lake but nothing like what you experienced. Your kids looks like they had a blast.
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