I was doing a little stroll on the internet streets recently and read that silver is one of the newest hot trends. Being that I love silver, I was all eyes. I remember I used to rock some silver platform sneakers back in the day. It probably wasn’t a good choice back then but, I’m just saying I was ahead of my time with the silver love!

I toned it down in recent years and I have these kinda subtle silver peep toe cuties. They give even the most boring outfit a little pop.

April dump 141Since sivler is “IN” again, I decided to see what else I could find in this “IT” color. I found a few things that I could work into my wardrobe pretty easily. Do I need to, though? Let’s not talk about that.

Silver Love

via 1/2/3

The manicure is probably the easiest and the cheapest way to work the color. I also saw these shoes on JustFab.com about a month ago and immediately fell in love. Trying to talk myself out of getting them since I already have some silver cuties in my closet. As for the skirt, I could see making that work for one of those once a quarter date nights (LOL) my husband and I seem to get. These days, I’m looking for opportunities to show my legs. I usually avoid it and wear pants but my legs are three and a half miles long so… out they come!

Are you a fan of silver? How would you  would you work it in your wardrobe?


8 comments on “Silver, Platinum Shine!”

  1. I love silver it’s so nice and all of my jewelry is mostly silver. I never did like it when I was younger but as I have gotten older it has grown on me a lot

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