Some things have to happen, some things don’t. My kids grow like weeds and I have to buy them new clothes and shoes faster  than they can wear out their old stuff. Getting them new stuff, has to happen. The first cut many schools make when the budget gets tight : the arts. That shouldn’t have to happen. Schoola is stepping in to help keep art in schools.

Who is Schoola? Glad you asked. Schoola is an online shopping destination where you can turn your child’s too small clothing into financial support for art programs in schools. They take donated clothing and sell them. A percentage of the sale is given directly to a school of your choosing. It’s a great concept. I like the idea of my babies things being used to support other kids. Win-win!schoola c4s

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Yo Wick Elementary School here in California has had to go without Art classes. I know sometimes people feel like, “it’s just art”.  The thing is, kids who are exposed to art are given permission to express themselves with a freedom not found in other subjects during the school day. This kind of creativity leads to better critical thinking skills and problem solving. That leads to, you guessed it, better overall performance in school.

“I think art is important because art is everything. Like houses, windows, playgrounds. People make things and it’s art!” – Lars, 3rd grade

We are knee deep in a tug of war with our current school district for this very reason. Our son is such a little artist and he sees art in everything. Creating is all he wants to do. He has an elaborate imagination that deserves to be nourished. Our school district isn’t one that has a strong presence of the arts in its curriculum. We’ve sought out one that does. Yes, this hits pretty close to home for us.

july 29 082Here’s how you can help: Back to school shopping, anyone? Head on over to Schoola today to do some shopping and you’ll be giving directly to Yick Wo Elementary. Every transaction made from this post will send $1 dollar to their arts program.

Maybe you want to go the other route and make a donation! Great! All you have to do is request a Schoola donation bag. They take care of the postage, making it even easier. For your donation Schoola will donate $1 dollar to the Yick Wo fund.  To make it an even sweeter deal, $2 out of every $5 made on the sale of your donation will go to whatever school YOU choose! Nice!

As you get ready to clear out the kids closets to make way for Fall school clothes, consider Schoola to help out Yick Wo or to help a school that you choose get creative!

DISCLAIMER: This post is brought to you by Schoola, the best place to buy discounted kids clothes all while giving back to schools in need. Click here to learn about Schoola. Click here to see what people are saying.

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  1. My daughter’s school started cutting art when she was there. She’s very into arts and crafts and design, so she was pretty upset about it. It’s great that someone is doing something about it!

  2. great idea tired of selling my kids clothes to stores like kids to kids for almost nothing I rather donate and help kids and schools

  3. What a great program. I’ve never heard of it, but I’ll definitely research more about it. Thanks for posting.

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