I was going to ask you if you ever get a case of the blahs. Then I though about it. Who doesn’t get a case of the blahs every now and then? As a matter of fact, if you’ve figured out a way to avoid them, let me know! I have been feeling a little ho hum about a couple of things. I am having the hardest time squeezing working out back into my routine. I’ll get there.

The other thing that has me feeling meh is my hair. It’s long. Boring long. Long for no reason long. I’ve been thinking of what I could do to jazz it up a bit. This got me to thinking about the best ways to deal with a case of the blahs.

BLAHSMy first thought for my hair is to do something different. Immediately! When you are feeling “meh” or “ugh” about things, it’s time to make some changes. Change your hair, your route to work. Something. Find a way to switch up your routine. Try something new for dinner. Find a spice in your kitchen and then Google things to make using that spice. Just trying  a new fruit or vegetable could be a cool switch up.

Another idea, get a pen and paper and start writing. What are you grateful for? Write them down! Having that list in front of  you should help break any funk. Tuck the list in a drawer somewhere. When you’re feeling funk-ish, pull it out and remind yourself how much things really don’t suck.

Here’s something that always rejuvenates me. Go outside! Walk, move. You can walk in your neighborhood or even better go to a park or some place you’ve never visited before. You’ll be more aware of taking it all in because it won’t be familiar to you. When things get too familiar they are far too easy to overlook. When I go someplace new, I seem to notice every single detail. It’s the little things that can totally change your outlook on things.

What kinds of things do you do to break the blahs? Share in the comments. 


78 comments on “Three Ways to Beat the Blahs”

  1. I think that doing something different is the best way to beat the “blahs.” I know trying out something I haven’t done before gets me excited and out of my comfort zone and I feel better afterwards.
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  2. I have playful kitty so when blahs hit me I just run all over the house with kami, we play hide and seek or tagcat works like a charm

  3. Going outside is the easiest way to shake off a case of the blahs! Sunshine and fresh air are always a safe bet for putting us in a better mood!

  4. Going outside is always a great way to shake off the blahs! Sunshine and fresh air are much better for us than we realize!

  5. Actually feeling a bit blah at the moment and in need of some me time. Summer holiday is always a little difficult when our son is at home, as I find it very hard to concentrate on work, which leads to frustration and guilt. My way of getting out of my blah zone is to chill out with a massage or just disappear from home and sit in a cafe and read a book on my own.
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  6. Love it- the “blah blah’s” !! Everyone goes there every now and again! I especially resonate with “changing it up”. I think that sometimes getting a new “perspective” can sometimes just shift stale energy. I believe in actively looking at the “thoughts” that have us stuck as well- sometimes we forget we can change our thoughts! Thanks for this!

  7. Great article and I agree wholeheartedly with all of your tactics, Camesha! My fav of which is getting outside. I’m always so happily surprised at how differently things seem under the sunshine, or even under the rain because after all it’s fresh and gets me out of my head. 🙂

  8. Work is really slow for me this time of year and often find myself feeling blah! Your tips are good ones! Sometimes just going outside and walking to starbucks makes all the difference
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  9. I’m a big fan of running to break out of the blahs. Writing helps too. In addition to writing what you’re grateful for, try writing a list with “I want.” Give yourself about 10 minutes and just keep writing. You may find something you want that you can do right now; or you may start to get into some of the bigger desires or goals that energize you.

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