I blame you! You know who you are. Who ever is out there rocking these “jeans” like they’re the hottest thing ever. I don’t know you by name but, that’s probably for the best. If I see the infomercial for pajama jeans one more time, I can’t be held accountable for my actions. I have no idea why these would be popular. The way I see it is we’re just taking the inevitable next step. Everywhere you go, it’s nothing to find people roaming the streets and aisles of your favorite store in their pajamas. I don’t get the appeal of looking like you literally just rolled out the bed. Silly me. I guess these pajama jeans were supposed to be an attempt to make it OK to wear your pajamas in public. One word – FAIL! I will not be fooled pajama jean people. These are NOT cool! I don’t care how many actors you hire to try to sell me otherwise. I’m not getting on board. I’m sure people had the same argument about the Snuggie. Look where that got us…


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