It had been sixteen whole months since my husband and I went on a date. Since our son made his way into the world our Friday date night went the way of the do – do bird. According to everyone, this wasn’t good. They all kept saying that we needed to get away to just spend some time together. We, on the other hand, were totally fine with the way things were going. So what we haven’t seen a movie in over a year. I’m not a big fan anyway. When we want to go out to eat, little man comes with us and we make sure to be home before his bedtime. Early night – but who cares. Then our lovely neighbors invited us out. Their church had a marriage retreat and they wanted us to join them. We thought it sounded fun and made a point to look into a babysitter. All the teachers at our son’s school offer babysitting services so this shouldn’t be hard. The retreat was on a Saturday night. We’d only be gone for a few hours. We could do this. Then, it was the Friday before the retreat and we’d forgotten all about getting a babysitter. Thank goodness the teachers at our son’s school are so understanding. Maybe they were in on “operation: date night” somehow because we were able to get a sitter at the last minute. Now, was I going to be able to handle leaving my love bug? Hmmm… It took a little extra prodding by my husband but I was able to pull myself away for a date. The retreat was so much fun! It was a huge date night with a bunch of other couples. We mingled with the other couples and we introduced to some cool people by our friends. We ate lots of food. Sushi, chocolate covered strawberries, pastries – the works. There was a delicious coffee bar too. Yum. There was some relationship talk as well but it wasn’t like stare into each other souls type stuff. They kept it light and fun. The couples all participated in a game to see how well we know each other and the newbies (us) won! We beat out at least 30 other couples! We won a gift card for dinner. So looks like we have to go on another date. Interesting how that works. In the end, it was good to get out. It was great to know our son was in good hand and we’re looking forward to our next date – horseback riding! How often do you and the hubs get out for a date? How much did it change with a bambino?

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  1. We’ve gone out twice in 16 months. I think we need to schedule more date nights! Side note : We also used our daughter’s teacher as a babysitter 🙂

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