Since our son made the leap to solid foods my husband and I have been paying close attention to the things we feed him. Lots of organic stuff. Very healthy eats. We read more labels now and quickly veto things that we don’t deem good enough for our little guy. This discriminating taste has moved over onto our plates as well. I feel like we were already doing pretty good at being healthy eaters but,l now we’ve kicked it up a notch. It’s ball because of the little man. I guess we realized that if we didn’t think certain things should be going in his body why would we put it in ours? Not to say that he hasn’t had a preservative in his one year old life but, they have been limited. It would be great if we could stay on his path as he grows up. As we continue to eat better he’ll see that modeled in front of him and it will become the rule not the exception. That’s the hope anyway. Am I dreaming? I’ve heard that it certainly gets harder the older they get. As they are exposed to more then, they can tell you what they want. They may not want an apple when their friend has a Snickers. How do I keep the healthy eats trend going past toddlerhood?

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