First, I’d like to thank Justin Timberlake. You read right. The King of  “sexy back” has lived up to his title and indeed help me to bring my sexy back. I have been a fan, from afar of his William Rast denim line. The admiration had to be from afar as I couldn’t bring myself to pay $300 for jeans! Alas, my good friend J.T. (we’re on that level now) came to his senses and brought his line to Target! I stumbled upon this treasure while doing the normal Target shopping and left my husband in line to go survey the wares. The first thing I noticed was the length. The jeans were definitely long enough for a girl of 6′ 1″ (read: me). Then, I peeked at the price tag – 49.99! They’re definitely in my price range. I’ve never paid more than sixty dollars for jeans. I rejoined my husband in line satisfied with what I’d seen and decided to return later for further inspection. When I made my way back, I snatched up the jeans, showed them to my son (he approved) and marched to the checkout. I hadn’t had time to try them on so I was hoping for the best. I got them home and they fit like a dream! So this is where I thank Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel. They both have sang the praises of the fit of the jeans. Granted, these praises were sung while dating Mr. Timberlake and I’m sure they’ve only worn the premium line but, I digress. Me likey the jeans! They hug the curves and show off my figure in a way that most jeans haven’t. I bought the dark wash skinny jeans and promised myself I’d try them in other washes. Obsessive? Maybe. Fast forward about a month or so…I decided I would do a post about this amazing find. Then, the unthinkable happened! I went tot he Target site and these jeans were on sale. Not just any sale, a super sale! From 49.99 to 17.49! So, needless to say, I now have EVERY wash of the skinny jeans and a t-shirt for little more than 50 dollars! Yay!

Kinda annoyed that I got 4 pieces for a smidge more than I paid for the first pair of jeans. All told, it’s a small price to pay for bringing my sexy back!

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