Dear Athleta,

 I’m not sure what to say here. I think you’re cool. I like what you have to offer. The work out gear seems top notch and all. It’s just that right now, we’re in different places in life. You’re all “work out, it’s cool” and I’m all “when? I don’t have time”. This is where we bump heads. So when you send catalogs to my home that I haven’t requested, that doesn’t really sit well with me. In fact, it borders on trespassing. I’m not feeling it. How do you know where I live? That’s another conversation. I know that working out is good for me and I’m working on finding time to make it happen but, bullying me into it is not gonna make it happen any sooner. Consider this a warning, Athleta. Back up, give me some space. It’s not you, it’s me.



 P.S. You really shouldn’t sell jeggings that have back pockets. It’s kind of…well, lame.

5 comments on “No Trespassing”

  1. So true! For me the worst invader is the Victoria’s Secret catalog. At 50, this mom is not going to be wearing those thongs and stuff. Well…maybe just one of those magic bras that ‘lift’ my spirits.:)

    • Ah yes, they are frequent violators as well. At least 3 catalogs a day. I do encourage them a bit with a purchase here and there to “lift” my spirits! 😉

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