What are your goals? Not bucket list type goals but, more immediate. I ask because I’ve been seeing a lot of lists on the web. On blogs everywhere, people often list the things they want to accomplish by a certain age. The one I’ve seen the most is the 30 before 30. Yeah, that ship has sailed for me. So,I’ll be doing a list of my own. Starting next week, I’ll be posting here and there the 40 things I’d like to accomplish before I turn the big 4-oh! I have a short list so far. We’ll see how I do with expanding that list. I think this is going to be fun! Wish me luck! Stay tuned…. (I obviously work in TV ;))

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  1. I actually have a list of goals already, never bothered with how many of them though and by what age, but I use them as a way to remind my self to get moving. I wrote ever goal in large letter and put in on the wall. It helps me not to procrastinate and to concentrate on what I need to get done. I have things I want to achieve in general and I have more immediate goals that are going to get me to the rest of it.

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