There are some things I try to avoid.  Or maybe I should say some people. One of those people is Britney. You know, “it’s Britney bi*** Spears”. Yeah, I try to avoid that chick and her music.  The problem is, it can grow on you…like a fungus. Well, I have an announcement to make. There’s a fungus among us and it’s called, “I Wanna Go”. That darn Britney has got me again. I fought but eventually gave in to the catchy tune. The same happened with “Gimme More” and “Piece of Me“. It’s something about her that gets my butt moving. Since I’ve been infected, I thought it only fair that I pass it on to you. You know, like Ebola. Enjoy!

8 comments on ““Move it” Monday”

  1. Thank you I now have that song in my head lol. Her songs are addictive and if you play it once and hear again even though you want to change the station you just can’t.

  2. I’m ticked because you made me listen to that. I had my hand hovering on the speaker knob for 15 seconds before I gave in and turned it on. I did it for you, and dang it, I like the beat.

  3. I’m not gonna lie…Brit Brit is my indulgence, and I swear that I just can’t resist her even though I’m pretty sure I think she is a complete idiot. (c: WHY??? Why do we all like Britney’s music???

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