Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock. I wasn’t aware that the newest mogul in the making is none other than Snooki. You know, of Jersey Shore fame. While I haven’t been looking, the Snooks has been building an empire of sorts. What does her empire consist of, you ask? Well, I’m pleased to inform you. Check out the list:

  • She is about to publish an autobiography “Confessions of a Guidette”
  • Apparently she’s already published a novel entitled “A Shore Thing”
  • The follow up to said novel is on the way and it’s entitled “Gorilla Beach”
  • There’s a fragrance in the works as well
  • The crowning jewel of her empire is going to be, wait for it… a clothing line!

I know that she has some influence, they did name her hairstyle “the Snooki” and many celebs were seen rocking the bump-it look.


But seriously, what the what? Full disclosure, I haven’t watched a millisecond of the Jersey Shore and I have no intentions of doing so.  From what I’ve heard, I don’t understand anything home-girl has done that would make me want to read her story (fact or fiction), smell like her or buy her designs. For real? It’s like everyone and their inappropriate grandma can get a deal these days. I’m sure she’ll go around calling herself a designer. Forget the real designers who have gone to school, worked their way up and paid their dues. Forget the wanna-be authors who have been slaving over their manuscript and being rejected by literary agents left and right. Forget those people, the real way to achieve “success” seems to be to make a fool of yourself on a reality show and watch the opportunities come a-knocking. It’s the (new) American dream. So will you be buying her CD? You just know that has to be her next move.

12 comments on “For Real, Snooki?”

  1. Seriously??!!! Snooki as a “designer” is almost worse than when she was trying to change laws about tanning salons….bleech! I will be the one person here in the States who won’t be buying her stuff…but then again I was one of the very few who didn’t know what GTL meant for the longest time either!

  2. Ugh I hear ya. I don’t understand it either. I don’t watch the show, and I’m not impressed with her or anyone off that show! I guess you have to give them credit b/c they are definitely milking their 15 minutes of fame for all it’s worth!

  3. Blech. That’s all I can say. This is a true testament to the direction in which our society is headed, if it hasn’t already reached its ending point. We should be ashamed of ourselves for this. Even those of us who don’t participate in this crap. It’s sick. No where else can someone with no education and no idea of how to act like an adult publish not one book, but three (or more). Gross.

  4. Reality TV is the new come up. I don’t blame her. Although her entire being is foolishness, I think any reality star that doesn’t use it to their advantage and take their 5 minutes is wasting their time. Clearly after the cameras stop rolling and they are no longer relevant they will need the $!!

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