It’s almost Mother’s Day. That means dad’s everywhere are about to make a mess of Target, Hallmark and their local CVS to find a card for their wives, mamas and grandmas. In a few days the card shelves will be bare at those stores and if you haven’t made time to score your “just what I wanted to say card”, you are going to be straight out of luck. Every year my husband asks me what I want for Mother’s Day. Every year I say I don’t know. I think we both are thinking gifts. I can’t think of anything I really want. He can’t either. He always comes up with something. We do our Mother’s Day/Father’s Day ritual and it’s all good. If I was being completely honest, I know exactly what I want for Mother’s Day and everyday.
What mom's really want for Mother's Day is simple and probably free.
What most moms seem to want is sleep. If your life is anything like mine, you could always stand to catch a few more Zzz’s. My son recently described one of our typical days as “action packed”. He’s not wrong. I move non-stop taking he and my daughter to school and their activities. My husband is in and out of town for work, so I fly solo a bit. This mama could use a day long nap. Yes, a whole day! lol That’s not happening though.
So when I started thinking about what I’d like for Mother’s Day it came down to a few things. I definitely want to spend the day with my family. We tend to do brunch and have a fun family weekend overall for Mother’s/Father’s Day. I’m looking forward to that.
If I were to go with what I really want for Mother’s Day, the thing at the top of that list is time. I want time with my kids to just enjoy them without a bunch of things on our to do list. They are fascinating people. They have the most interesting things to say. I like to take it all in. They are fun and creative. I really cherish the time we get to just be. At the same time, I crave time for myself. Like most moms, that can be hard to come by. There are things I want to do, be and accomplish that gets really tricky because I’m super busy with my babies. Aside from all I want to do and be, time to be alone with my thoughts is huge. I could use a little more of that.
What moms really want for mother's day is simple and probably free.
I’ve been knocking that one out lately. I’ve been taking the forty kid free minutes I get everyday to hit the beach. I go there to exercise, I keep my yoga mat in the car so I can work out on the sand or speed walk a couple of miles. It’s been great for me – body and mind. I really do believe in carving out that time when you can.



Our lives are so busy with so many moving parts that it can be hard to zero in on me time. I make it happen in bite sized chunks. When it comes down to it, what I want most is free. Time with my husband, my kids and tim for myself is what this mama wants most.

What’s on your mama must-have list this Mother’s Day?


22 comments on “What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day”

  1. I always want my family to take me out for a meal I don’t have to cook. That’s what I want for every holiday.

  2. The only thing I am requesting for Mother’s Day is getting to sleep in past 7AM. I would love to sleep until 11AM and not wake up to a million request to cereals and playing a video game.

  3. Relaxation please. And a side order of quiet. That’s all I want. And I would love to do it somewhere other than my home – it’s currently a mess and I’d prefer to lounge around and not look at the mess. ha

  4. I plan on sharing this with my mother-in-law and sister. I am not a mom myself, but I know my sister would agree with you on your points to have some alone time, plus some time to catch up on some sleep!
    My mother-in-law still cherishes receiving holiday cards and don’t see this changing.

  5. I would love a day at the spa for Mothers Day. I always get my Mom a certificate so she can treat herself.

  6. I really have no needs or desires for Mother’s Day, I usually am good about getting all I need on a weekly or daily basis all year round. I also don’t have my kiddos this weekend, co-parenting means it falls on their Dads weekend soooo guess the break can be my gift?

  7. Wow…eye opener! It has become apparently clear why I am so tired. Sometimes moms are “on the go” so often we don’t even realize how tired we’d become. Until we spend a day doing absolutely NOTHING! We have placed ourselves at the bottom of the list to appease our family. We must squeeze time for ourselves, otherwise, we burn out fast. Great read.

  8. You and I are on the same page about wanting sleep! I also wanted to have a day with significantly less bickering whether that was directed towards siblings or me n

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