Having dinner out comes with a bit of hesitation lately. We never know how junior is going to behave. His flirtatious ways have done well by him so far but his high octave range could get us kicked out of some establishments for sure.

One night we decided to chance it. In a last minute decision, we rolled into Mimi’s Cafe. We really like the place and it seems to be at least somewhat kid friendly. Every time we go there is a child in there making noise so it’s a good fit! When we sat down and got the little man settled in his high chair, the waitress handed him some crayons. We handed him the paper to begin to color and he let us know he was not having any of that. Great. He was being cranky and we thought “uh oh, here we go”.

I usually have anything you can think of to keep him occupied but, because it was a last minute dinner – not so much. So, I reach in the diaper bag for his bib and realized I’d left it at home along with snacks and silverware. Yeah, I rock. I told my husband I didn’t have the bib and the waitress overheard and offered to bring me one. I was happy about that. I thought that was helpful of her. Then she continued and asked if I’d like some Cheerios for my son? Uh, yeah. So she came back with the supplies and the little guy could not have been happier. He created an activity out of the crayons, sugar packets and the pencil holder that was on the table. It kept him very busy.

Then, they brought his food out first. We were able to feed him before we got our food. That meant that we wouldn’t have to eat our food cold. Love that! We enjoyed a great dinner with our son where everyone was happy and there were no meltdowns to be had. My guess is that Mimi’s Cafe is more family-friendly than I thought or our waitress was a rock star! Mimi’s is definitely on our list of places to go with baby.

Just so you know, I wasn’t asked to do this post by anyone. We just really enjoyed our experience there and I wanted to share.

18 comments on “Mimi’s Knows Babies”

  1. That is so awesome! Cheerios? Wow! They really do know babies. Wish there was a Mimi’s around when my son was that age…. I searched for one in my area but not so lucky. 🙁

    Thanks for sharing, I am sure parents in the area would love this place.

  2. That is great! I know what you mean about worrying you’ll get kicked out of establishments. It’s nice when you can finally find a place where you feel comfortable. Makes leaving the house with your little ones a lot less hectic and worrisome!

  3. Going out with the little guy is a risk for us too these days. We’re always pleasantly surprised when he behaves. Keeping them busy is key! Glad you had an enjoyable experience. I’m certain you deserve it.

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