I’ve learned that my son thinks I’m a genius! Man, I love that kid! I love the way he looks at me as if I have all of the answers and I’m completely capable of ushering him through life. It’s awesome. He brings me books and sits down for me to read them. He points to things and looks at me for an explanation. Imagine, from his perspective. I must seem like the smartest person EVER! I’m sure my husband has the same experience but, this blog is all about mom… so there! Just think, he points to an object he’s never seen before and genius mommy says “that’s a tree” or “that’s a flower” or “giraffe” –  this could go on forever. I sing songs and he stops whatever he’s doing and listens, smiles and claps when I’m finished. Again, I love him! I really have to remind myself to be present in every moment with him and treasure each and every second. I just know one day all too soon things will go from mom knows everything to mom knows absolutely nothing. I’m just hoping it doesn’t come too quickly. I really LOVE seeing the world through his eyes and watching him really take things in and learn. He’s an amazing little person. Again, I love that kid! I just have to whisper in his ear every night as I put him down for the night mama knows everything. Maybe it’ll work?

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