Happy President’s Day mommies! I have the day off and my little on is out of school. Looking forward to a fun time! I’ll be single mommin’ it today as the hubby is going out of town for work. He’ll be gone for  a week and his absence got me thinking about all the single mommies out there. I have so much to take care of now that he’ll be away and I’m thankful that this doesn’t have to be a daily thing for me. Single moms are pretty amazing! I was raised by one myself. Lucky for me, my dad has always been a part of my life even though he wasn’t in our household. I know many people who didn’t even have that. So, I’m thankful. How in the world did a post about President’s day turn into something about single moms? I guess it could be because single mom’s a the sole Commander in Chief of their household. My mom certainly was the President of our White House (yes, it actually was white). Maybe there should be a single moms day. Not so much to recognize the baby mama by choice of it all but, the mommies who maybe had the best intentions and the guy didn’t stick around. The mommies who are divorced, broke up, widowed or whatever the case may be. They are still doing the job of two people the best way they can. This also applies to single daddies too. It should be called Single Parent Appreciation day. (S.P.A.) That’s my 3 cents. Again, happy President’s day – ALL!

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