The thing about the internet is it’s endless. There is a non-stop flow of things to read, look at and covet! I have been checking out somethings that I think belong in my home. They are pretty much calling me. It would be rude of me to not pay attention.

The first thing I am loving are these set of knives. I think it’s so creative how they all fit within each other. The design is what’s really catching my eye. So much so, that I’ve pretty much convinced myself that we need new knives. Not just any new knives of course, we need THESE new knives.

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These lamps are pretty drool worthy too. In my mind, I am going to re-decorate our living room and I think these lamps would fit perfectly with what I want to do in that room. Not sure why I want to buy new furniture with two small children. It’s as if I don’t understand that one of these little people wields markers, crayons and pencils at random moments that end up on my sofa. While we’ve pretty much got him under control in that area, I know his sister will be next in the crayon, marker game. I should probably wait to get a sofa, huh? Maybe.

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Then there are these boots.

via amazon

I have talked to you before about my love of wellies. These take my love to another level. Stylish wellies with a heel! Yes, please. I’d rock them. Would you?

4 comments on “Love It. Want It. Covet. Repeat.”

  1. Wait– so when you pull out the smaller knives is there a whole in the big one then? I have never seen such a thing.

    Those lamps are awesome.

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