At the beginning and end of every day I’m a fashion girl. I have such a long love affair with style and fashion. I guess it would have to be beyond an affair at this point cause we are in love y’all!

Is it normal to turn into a stylist when getting dressed in the morning? That’s what usually happens to me. Most of the moms at drop off are rocking their workout clothes and I have put together a whole outfit. It’s probably ridiculous. It’s not because I’m trying to do too much. I just really love getting dressed. I loving playing with textures and colors and ACCESSORIES!!! I don’t do go for it like I’m still going into the office but it’s just a little something I do to still feel like me. At first, I told my husband I didn’t need to try to be cute anymore since I’m with the kids all day.  His response was a big, fat “WHATEVER!” LOL!  He told me to keep doing what I’ve been doing.

Shortly after that conversation, I ordered this new sweatshirt with leather sleeves and this blinged out heart one too.

fall 2013 leather sleeve sweatshirt

vs bling heartvia

I’m pretty sure I know where this whole style thing started for me. Modeling school! I don’t know if I ever told you that I attended modeling school back in the day. My mother sent me because I had major tall girl self esteem issues. Major! That’s a whole other post. Being in modeling school, we had to study fashion magazines for style, poses and to be in the know regarding designers. I was 13 and this was a whole new fascinating world. It was then that I started playing around with my own personal style.

model teen bibsbaubles

Fashion show for city officials in Detroit

model bibsbaublesFirst LA shoot. Obviously PRE-BABY!

After modeling school I jumped with both feet into that world and began modeling. That lasted on and off for years. Later I started a fashion and beauty blog. I kept that going until the birth of my son. I really want to start that back up again. Le sigh. No time. One day?

When I started this blog I talked more about style in the beginning. I drifted away from that.  I guess I drifted because working at the Style Network was filling in that gap. I was surrounded with all the style and fashion I needed while I was there. Well now I want to bring more of that back to this space. Yay!Maybe an outfit of the day post here and there or some trends I wanna try. We’ll see.

So many goals… so little time!!! What’s your relationship with fashion/style? Are you lovahs, besties or associates?

14 comments on “I used to love it… I still do”

  1. Associates here! I do better than many of the other school moms, but worse than others yet. I do put on real pants and not flannel, sweat or yoga so that’s why I end up in the middle of the pack.
    I am so unsurprised that you used to model! You still could for sure!
    Tamara recently posted…It’s Because You Care.My Profile

  2. Such cute pictures of you, and yes I love the sweatshirts! I’m moving away from them now (and jeans) and heading into a new love–skirts. As for the fashion part of the blog, I used to love reading the quotes you used to leave from the designers. It was truly inspiring.

    As for my relationship with fashion, I’m a lurker–is that even a term used for fashion? There are somethings that I love, but would never buy.
    KalleyC recently posted…#mylifesphotos: Something Old….My Profile

  3. I am that jeans and sweat shirt mom*hangs head* : on my days off. Otherwise I drop Pookah off in my way to work so I look pretty descent!
    I am not surprised at all that you used to model!
    I’m like Kalley, I’m a fashion lurker. I lurk on fashion blogs and posts to see what’s hot and new and cute!

  4. i think i’m a bestie. i stalk fashion blogs and love to see what others are wearing; but here’s my excuse, because i work from home i’m not as motivated every day to figure out my outfits, but of late i’m making a better effort because i know better.
    nylse recently posted…25 on 25 – Believe the BestMy Profile

  5. Lovahs! My blog was inspired by my love of fashion and beauty. My mom is a retired hairdresser so I grew up in a beauty salon. I didn’t want to lose my style after having babies and I know a lot of women struggle with that too.

    BTW I love those two sweatshirts you got! Where’d you get them?
    Jai recently posted…Lipstick Dupe from Two Broke GirlsMy Profile

  6. I loved reading your write-up. I too see mom’s in workout clothes at drop off and pick up although I am not sure if they actually work out in them. I too love to dress up (hence we blog right?) but the #1 person I dress up for is myself. On rare occasion when I don’t dress up I feel down all day. It really effects my mood.
    Loved your modeling photo.

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