Four years ago, I didn’t know what to expect

Prego EthanI didn’t know if I’d know what to do

new mommyBut from the moment our eyes met

Only one word could summarize what was within my view

first bdayOnly LOVE could describe the overflow in my heart for you2 yr 2

My super inquisitive, always energetic, smarter than your years little man

photo 3(3)You don’t know that I brag on you every chance that I can

I’m proud of the big boy you’ve become and that you still WANT to hold Mommy’s hand


On this your birthday, I have to say, you’ve stolen the heart of your Mom

With all I am, you have to know, I love you to infinity and BEYOND!

11 comments on “Four Years in Love”

  1. We never know what to expect as new moms, do we? But it’s always better, deeper, richer than we possibly could have imagined! Happy birthday to your little man!

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