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I remember when… I was afraid to dream. I was afraid that things I wanted were too far-fetched and out of reach. I remember when I was afraid to try. It was too easy to imagine failure so why even embark on a pointless journey. I remember when dreaming seemed silly and something only kids were allowed to do. It seemed that once adulthood sets in everyone wants you to live in “the real world”. For many that meant letting go of long held dreams. For others that just meant keeping your dreams private and secretly continuing to hope for the possibility of making them real.

What is the real world, anyway? Can’t we create our own? There are plenty of people whose life I think is absolutely surreal. Some are famous, some aren’t. You know what, they’re living their “real world”. As fabulous as it is, that’s their reality. Why on earth would I believe that a new level of fabulous-ness doesn’t await me? What can’t that be MY real world? Why can’t my real world be whatever I imagine it to be?

Growing up, I was taught to focus on education because it can’t be taken away from you and it can take you places. This is all true. The only problem is that people tend to believe that education can only take you to the places they’ve imagined. Living a life outside of those set boundaries scares the crap out of people. I’m choosing to look outside of those boundaries and see the places I’ve imagined. It looks quite different. I think it’s where my truest happiness lies.

I remember when I stopped believing in the real world. I remember when I stopped believing everything I was told. I just refuse to believe that blessing, whatever it is, doesn’t have my name on it. Why wouldn’t it? Who else would God be saving it for? It’s mine and I’m claiming it. Why wouldn’t I? What does it hurt if I declare it’s mine? I may just be too far away too see that it’s got my name ALL over it.

I have recently begun to believe again in the power of my dreams. These days , I have chosen to let my mind run free with the possibility of what could be. It’s a wonderful feeling to truly believe the world is yours! Sure, every dream may not come true. If I never even believe they can – I haven’t even given them a chance.

Simply put, have you stopped dreaming?

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  1. Awww Cam..this was a beautiful post and it’s crazy because as kids we are constantly dreaming of the impossibilities and at some point we lose’s so important to dream and dream big! Wishing you an awesome year of dreaming the impossibilities of life…claim it…it can all be ours!
    Mrs. Pancakes recently posted…52 Weeks of Love: Alisha & BrandonMy Profile

  2. Hmm…I don’t know if I have stopped dreaming, but I do find myself afraid to try. Afraid to learn something new or take charge. I get comfortable in my way of life and even thinking of “trying” becomes an obstacle. Great post.
    This Cookn’ Mom recently posted…Holiday LoveMy Profile

  3. Ahhh dreams. Its a funny thing with dreams because many people have dreams but the dreams they have don’t necessarily come true according to their plan it comes true according to a higher power plan. I think working towards your dream is important it’s better than just having the dream and doing nothing about it.
    kita recently posted…Thursdays wrap upMy Profile

  4. definitely not! it’s weird, no matter how we’re raised or what we’re taught there’s still something inside that has to dream in our own unique way, and we just gotta embrace that! 🙂

  5. When we were kids we used to dream all the time, then when we started to experience “life” those dreams somehow left us, but they were never forgotten. I think this is a beautiful post. I firmly believe that those who don’t let go of their dreams are the ones that go on to do big things (just think of Steve Jobs).
    KalleyC recently posted…Good Intentions Gone Oh So WrongMy Profile

  6. I feel like I just started back dreaming. I have always let the logistics deter my dreams. Thinking I don’t have the money or the resources. Now I’m kind of on the I’ll make a way vibe. I am all about living my dreams. So many people have been told no and found it in themselves to make a way out of no way. I want to be one of those people. I want to show people that the impossible can be done!
    mimi recently posted…Weekend Wrap UpMy Profile

  7. Good for you, Cam! There is no reason why you can’t dream and believe that you can have everything you want… and MORE. Life happens and things that we’ve never dreamed of happening happens… all the time. So why stop believe now?

  8. love this post. I don’t think I ever stopped dreaming, but I did briefly stop believing that dreams can come true. The last few months have been a test of my faith but slowly I am seeing and remembering that I have to believe to achieve!
    Latorsha recently posted…Blogging ain’t for wimpsMy Profile

  9. I don’t think ever stopped dreaming but I never took any actions to make those dreams a reality either. I’m glad that I finally got up the courage to work towards making them real despite the naysayers.
    YUMMommy recently posted…Game OnMy Profile

  10. Alright, I’m crying. That post was so good. And I’m glad I read it today. I think half the problem with people not achieving their dreams, it that they cannot even define them. They cannot see beyond the box, the walls, the limitations they have created for themselves. Anything, anything is possible. Takes believing in ourselves and putting trust in God, or something greater than us. When we release the control; it will happen. Sometimes we need not worry how, because God knows a better, quicker way than we do. Totally inspired, my friend!
    Cari not crying, not crying, I am NOT crying recently posted…Certain UncertaintyMy Profile

  11. Really beautiful text! It just made me thinking about when I felt the same. But now I already know how to catch the positive vibes, I just need to look at my family:)
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  12. The worse that can happen to me is to stop to believe. Please do not lose your belief, either because I can tell you (like a woman who didn’t believe in anything after a terrible loss) belief is what make our life…Find the colors again. Do not be grey!
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  13. So true! I have tried to allow myself to dream too. I love my mom, but she has a much more practical attitude on life- whyich kills the dreams! I’m going to keep remembering to dream. 🙂

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