I admit it! I’m a sucker for a t-shirt. There’s nothing easier than slipping on a t-shirt and jeans. Where I draw the line? The t-shirt has to be stylish! I need a tank top, baby doll tee with some funky graphic. Those are my favorite. These two were creeping up on my favorites list.

I got an email from PureWow all about these t-shirt and I saved the email. I was determined to buy them. They’re just too good to pass up. My rule for impulse purchases is to hold off a few days and if I’ve still gotta have it – go for it! I was already to click purchase and then I saw the price! Screech!!! The lips goes for $170 and the Eiffel Tower goes for $195.

Why, oh why does my must have t-shirt cost so much!? It’s still a t-shirt, right? Does is have special powers? Please tell me these t-shirts do stuff? I don’t know. Do they wash themselves? Iron themselves? Pair themselves with items in your wardrobe to help you create the perfect outfit? Do they come with a professional stylist to help you adorn yourself each day? Alas, no. They don’t do any of that. They just sit here and look pretty and taunt me for not being willing to fork over my grocery money for a single t-shirt.

I did the next best thing. I got this one for $22 at Zara! That’s more like it!


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