I’ve been eating, I’ve been eating

I feel chunky when them carbs get into me

I’ve been snacking, I’ve been snacking

Can’t keep my hands off the carbs

I gotta eat it – na na

(sung to Drunk in Love – Beyonce)

So here’s where being home goes wrong. I have gained five pounds (gasp, the horror) I know, I’m lame. I’m aware that it’s not a big deal. It’s just odd because, it’s not me. My weight is usually pretty steady. It’s only changed with pregnancy. The thing is, my diet has been horrible! It all points back to being home with these babies. I make sure to feed them well. They get lots of healthy meals and snacks. I just kind of forget to feed myself in the process.

In the mornings, I’m feeding them breakfast and packing their lunches and I probably grab a bagel or blueberry muffin for myself. It’s a far cry from the oatmeal and yogurt I used to eat every morning. As I’m packing their lunches, I usually don’t pack one for myself. I just don’t seem to have time for that and I always think I’ll eat something once I get my baby girl in the bed for her nap. That something turns into a bowl of cereal or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. All because I’m trying to stay quiet so that child does not wake up. Her naps are so iffy that I don’t want to mess it up when she is sleeping. The best meal for me every day is dinner. It’s the one time during the day that I actually sit down and eat. It’s also my only balanced meal of the day. Sigh. I have got to do better.habit quote

So, while this five pounds is nothing, I don’t want to make friends with it. Nope we don’t need to go down the road of getting to know each other and exchanging email addresses and what not. I know if I make friends with this five pounds it could turn into ten or fifteen. Operation move my booty is on the horizon! It’s a part of my overall plan of living my life the way I’ve dreamed it could be. Fitness is definitely a part of that plan. So is building an empire (insert evil laugh). Mama has got to start eating like I used to. That’s going to take me preparing all of our food ahead of time. More work for me but meh, that’s life. What about you? Has being a mom changed your eating habits?

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  1. Being home with the kids (especially different ages) is definitely tough. People always say “find a balance” but it’s so hard to do when you’re:

    – Tired, and know you just have to eat for fuel.
    – You’re always doing for everyone else, it’s hard making some time for yourself in the day.

    Those 5 pounds will melt off soon enough, small changes makes big differences!
    KalleyC recently posted…Are We Over Sharing?My Profile

  2. I’ve made friends with about 15 unwanted pounds over here. I can blame on having a sedentary job for the last year, I can blame on my need to snack..a lot. i can even blame it on the pints of Gelato that seem to disappear into my mouth with astonishing speed at least once a week.
    I’m going to so SOMETHING about this. Cause naw man!
    LaShawn recently posted…The Kids Were Here: AprilMy Profile

  3. Not making friends with the 5lbs is so wonderful because goodness knows sometimes we become too friendly with our weight gain!! i am still battling my extra weight from pregnancy but i am not helping either…i am always cheating..here’s to eating better into the summer!

  4. Oh yes, being a mom has an impact on eating habits – no mater what age they are! I’m constantly shuttling my older kids everywhere they need to go these days. I’ve got some extra pounds that need to go from not eating as good I used to,s o that’s my goal for the next few months – eat better and get my bottom to the gym!
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  5. “Has been a mom changed your eating habits?” Yes!! It’s a struggle for me. Being home all day with kids is draining, so I often find myself emotionally eating or eating junk. I am doing better now, but especially after my second daughter was born, it was CRAZY! CRAZY! lol.

    Given that these past four years have mostly been spent in a pregnancy or nursing, I used that as my excuse. But when that didn’t work anymore, or when I realized that it was my eating habits that were the problem, I changed. I do my best to eat healthier now. I bring healthier foods into the house, don’t overdo it on snacking or fast food or extra helpings, and I exercise. Oh, I also try to drink tea, water, and get lots of rest. I feel better now. My weight is good and I’m happy.
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  6. You know, I was the thinnest (seriously) when I was breastfeeding my kids. Perhaps not the fittest (that was when I was teens to early 20s and playing sports almost daily), but still thinner than now. Since breastfeeding is no longer in my future, I, too, am trying to “move my booty” more now. I eat okay, though I know that can improve. But seriously, getting moving (other than chasing the kids around) is the key for me. Good luck to us (and ditching those few extra pounds)! πŸ™‚
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