It took becoming a mom for me to greet life with a “why not?”.

My son just does stuff. He thinks it and he does it. He is just completely open to life. The kid has never met a stranger (we’re working on that). He walks into a room full of kids and his response is “hey guys!”. He’s always open to new people and new experiences. I love that about him. I love that I have become more like him. Isn’t it funny that I became more like him? I admire his open approach to life. I know that it’s because everything is new to him. He’s only four and so much of life is a mystery to him. He is not afraid of the mystery though. Instead he welcomes it. Isn’t it awesome how kids make you see things differently?

kid-president-1 I have to say that since becoming a mother, I have noticed that I’m far more open as well. Whether that means sharing my experiences or speaking up when opportunities are in front of me. I had one of those moments recently. There was a woman I saw on television. Her missions and goals directly lined up with mine. I saw an opportunity to reach out and I did.

In times past, I would have been to shy to reach out – even on line. The mama version of me has an attitude of “why not?”  So, I found an email and reached out. It felt so good to hit “send” on that message. It was yet another reminder for me of my growth. Reaching out to her falls right in line with my mission to inspire and motivate moms to find and follow their passions. It felt right. It would be great if a connection is formed because of my willingness to reach out. Even if it leads to nothing at all, it’s a step for me.  It doesn’t matter what happens from here. The success for me is in making the move, taking the step.

And that is how I’ll keep working toward making my dreams come true. Whether they be giant steps or baby steps – the thing is, keep moving! And to think all of this new found boldness started because of a little kid – mine.

How have your kids changed you? What have you said “why not” to lately?

Update 4/23/14 12:57pm PST: The woman I sent the email to responded! You’ll be hearing more about her next month! Excited!

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  1. Hey Camesha! I don’t have kids so can’t say how being a mother has changed me, but I do love the boldness and impulsiveness kids have, and the looks they give as they think things over. You know when they are confused, upset, happy, being cheeky, want o hide, enquiring, just by their look! I love your boldness too- Just hit ‘send’! You go girl!

  2. I’ve always been one of those that likes to do spur of the moment things when we have the extra money to do so. Chad is much more of the “why not” parent than I am though. I tend to think through things. Even when I do something spur of the moment I have to go through a checklist in my head of things that we might need, because you never know what might happen.
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  3. Such an inspiring post Camesha! My son is my positivity superstar too and I have learned so much from him.

    Most of all, Alex is teaching me everyday, that happiness is attainable and for that I am grateful!

  4. This message comes at a timely moment for me. Being a new mom has really left me with a lot to be fearful of. Is my baby safe? Will he start screaming in public? Will I be faced with a situation I can’t handle?
    Its nice to think about ‘why not’ as an alternative to all the fears. Especially when it involves reaching out, don’t we all need more connection?

  5. My children have changed me in countless ways…how could these little creatures not influence who I am and change me? I guess I’ve let go of always being “on” and in mommy mode…when they are totally silly, I have to be completely silly and join in the fun! Laughter is contagious!! Thanks for the nice reminder to lighten up and be childlike!
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  6. Hi Camesha – I’m not a mother (yet!) but i loved the fact that your son inspired YOU to be more like him. I think that’s the part i am looking forward to the most — just living without fear! Children don’t have any concept of fear and just do things. We did the same didn’t we? 🙂 And good on you for being proactive and reaching out to the woman on TV. Regardless of what happens — you stepped out of your comfort zone and did something differently. The more you start building that muscle the more magic and miracles you are going to make in your life. As Tony Robbins says “If we aint growing, we’re dying”… xx
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  7. I am a mother of two girls, being a mother has made me grow up, change my outlook on EVERYTHING! and made me love life that much more!

  8. Why not – and especially why not ME? – are questions that I consider almost daily. It’s a good outlook to have on life, as it increases possibilities! So glad that your email lady responded to your message!

  9. This is my first time here and your post really resonated with me. My children 8 and 13 change my perspective on a daily basis. As I choose what to encourage, advise and correct, I realise I’m actually deciding what’s important in my own life and I have to say, I’ve changed my mind a few times. Often I’ve heard my own parents talking through me like a default response, it’s good to challenge that. I always listen, I always hold space for them and I try my best not to jump in. Often they surprise me and by the end of the conversation I’m the one who learnt something new.
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  10. I used to be very carefree in my highschool days- much like your son. I would just do things, and in the last few years I have found I’ve become so uptight and total opposite of carefree for some things. My boyfriend has definitely helped me find my carefree attitude again from time to time though 🙂
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  11. Having a kid has definitely changed the way I am in the world. My little guy is 2 and a half and watching him interact with the things and people around him always reminds me that there is more to see than what meets the eye. As adults we interpret things for what we “know” them to be. We’ve given everything a label and it becomes hard to see things any other way. Children see everything so differently because nothing has a label, nothing has a definition yet.

    My son has taught me to see. To look beyond what I think I see and see what’s really there. Children are such incredible gifts!
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  12. Kids can teach us so much. Your son is an amazing little man and it is so wonderful for you to foster his good qualities and learn from him. Saying “why not” is wonderful advice. I struggle to say yes, so thanking you (and your son) for reminding me why it is important to take that leap of faith!
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  13. Camesha, what a wonderful post! Children really do give us “permission” to be more childlike and explore life more fully. You articulated that so well. Thank you!!

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