Easter 2014 002Another holiday weekend is behind us. I have a hard time believing that Easter was yesterday. It will be may before we know it and nearly half the year will be behind us. How is that possible?

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. We got in some pictures with the Easter bunny on Saturday. My daughter was horrified. She was not having any parts of that bunny. My husband ended up getting in the picture with the kids just so our baby girl will hang in there. She would wave to the bunny and say hi and smile and dance. Then, it was time to take the picture and she was not amused. Oh well. Maybe next year? Or maybe, we’ll spare her of the pictures with folks in huge costumes.

Easter on Sunday was beautiful. We went back to my old church. I switched to the Mr’s church when we got married. It was so good to be back in my old home. It was an awesome service. Of course, we had to get the babies all dressed up for the day. They were too cute. My daughter saw her dress and shouted “princess”! Are they born with this princess gene or something? She and her brother were too cute and showing off their clothes for us.

We ended the day with dinner at our friends place. The kids got a chance to play and run around. Once we got home they were knocked out. Perfection! A great way to end a wonderful family weekend.

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