Hey there! I’m better! I had a funky cold that turned into a sinus infection. It was absolutely the definition of a good time! Whoo hoo!**said no one ever**

Yeah, I’m glad that’s over. Trying to be the good, active, engaging mom while having a pounding headache and feeling like my teeth were dangling around in my mouth was NOT fun. There’s something about being on the right side of well that makes me grateful. There are a million things to be grateful for, but I’ll just give you a few of the things that make the cut with me:

thankfulGood health! Did I mention how happy I am to be healthy again? I did? Oh. Sorry about that. Being redundant and all.

My babies – Not only because I think they’re amazing (shameless mama) but they were super patient and easy going while I was down.

That hubby – As much as he works, when he could get home earlier, he did and it was a relief to have some help.

Sleep – I don’t get enough of it but I totally appreciate it when I do.

Southern California – Yes, we had a few earthquakes in the last couple of weeks but the weather has still been pretty good. Good weather always makes me feel better.

Spring! – The days are longer and I am so enjoying the sunshine!

Friends – It’s amazing to have people in your life that GET you. I am so grateful to have found a few good women that make life easier by sharing theirs with me. Friends ROCK!

My Parents – We may live on opposite ends of the country but they make sure to let me know how supported and loved I am. I love that my kids and husband get to love on them like I do.

What about you? What are you grateful for?

7 comments on “How You Doin? Grateful Editon”

  1. I’m greatful that it rained today. Pookah’s allergies are bad and I’m tired of seeing my baby look like he went 10 rounds with Mohammad Ali.
    I’m greatful for good friends who have babies the same age as mine. He gets all his sibling time and I don’t have to take them home with me.
    I’m also greatful for a husband who still thinks I’m sexy even though I notice all the flaws( I’m looking at YOU C Section stomach).LOL
    LaShawn recently posted…A Gathering of All the Kids….My Profile

  2. Before my last cold, the two I had before it turned into sinus infections. Oh, I never knew such horror! They are ROUGH. So I know that getting better is like coming up from being underwater.
    So I too am grateful that none of us have sinus infections right now!
    Tamara recently posted…My Writing Process.My Profile

  3. I’m glad you are feeling better! And I love your list! I don’t live in Southern California, which makes me sad, but, lol, I am enjoying DC’s Spring weather, flowers in bloom, and sunshine. Warm weather and blue skies never fail to make mehappy! I’m also thankful for my health, my children, my husband, and lemon tea. Amazing!
    Jessica recently posted…Letting Things GoMy Profile

  4. I’m grateful that it’s been almost a year since I last had a sinus infection. I’m also grateful that it’s been a week since I had a whopper of a migraine, the first in close to 15 years. Ugh! And I’m super grateful for the cherry blossoms that are just beautiful in DC this week.
    Alison Hector recently posted…No “shade” from the SonMy Profile

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