When it comes to feeling good, we all want piece of that! While I am a firm believer in going after your dreams, I know that isn’t always easy. Sometimes we don’t go after what we want because we don’t feel like we’re worth it or we just don’t feel good. I think it’s important to work on ourselves from the inside out. Before we can take that first full step toward something we really want, sometimes we need to stand still.

Going for your dreams really means that you’ve decided to do something for you. You’ve decided to listen to that small voice and make your unique contribution to the world. Before your journey onto doing that BIG thing for you, try doing a few small things. It will get your mind in the right spot and get you ready to make your move toward the big thing.

Consider this your invitation to FEEL GOOD!  Here are a few suggestions to get your feel good mojo moving:

Take a drive… Crank your favorite song and sing along – LOUD!

This one works for me EVERY TIME!


Go for a walk…Notice all the little things. I bet you’ll find some inspiration.

Try something new with your hair… A new outlook sometimes starts with a new look.

new hairSelf care anyone… How about getting a mani or pedi? Letting someone take care of you encourages you to keep it up and take better care of you too.

Put on something that makes you feel good… That could be a favorite blouse, dress or  jeans. Ahem,  it could also be what you put on underneath it all.  Whatever makes you feel good, ROCK it! You’ll feel good and the reason why can be your little secret.

What gives you an instant shot of feel good?

14 comments on “Wanna Feel Good? Start Here…”

  1. I am a BIG believer in taking small steps toward an end goal! It really helps to keep overwhelm in check… and we get to celebrate the small wins often 😉

    I know that just walking makes a big difference in my life – appreciating surroundings, moving my body AND I get so many of my best ideas when I’m walking!
    Andrea – LifeAfterBread Health Coaching recently posted…What to Eat Instead of Pasta – And Save Time!My Profile

  2. Love it! All of these things always make me feel good. You are right, when we are putting ourselves out there in our dreams we do face those thoughts about whether or not we deserve it or are good enough to get it done. It is even more important to take care of yourself during those times. And now I just had a good mid day dance break : ) thanks much!

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