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Sometimes it’s great to stand up for the little guy. Especially when the little guy is a three year old little boy, right?

Recently, I was at church in the cry room with my son. I always stay in there with him because I’m not a huge fan of the antics that go down. You can see and hear the service from the cry room, so it’s alright. This particular Sunday there was a little boy back there with this lady who works in the cry room. I had seen her before. She’d always seemed aloof. The little boy came in with her to the cry room. I didn’t think anything of it. Then every time I looked up she was on his case about something. It was odd because the other teacher didn’t have any issues with him.

The other teacher asked the kids to go wash their hands to get ready for a snack. The three year old volunteered to help her. Well, the other “aloof” teacher, as usual, had missed this whole volunteer exchange and ordered the boy to sit down. He kept trying to explain to her that he was helping, but she kept talking over him and not listening. Then she threatened to call his parents. I’m thinking, “Whoa, that’s a bit much.”

Myself and another mother got really uncomfortable because we knew he had done nothing wrong. Well, “aloof” teacher got his mother and father on the phone and by this time the boy was hysterically crying and trying to explain himself. He pleaded with her to not make him talk to his parents. I could hardly sit still. I couldn’t stand to see this little boy get in trouble for simply trying to help. He talked to his parents and from his reaction – he was gonna get it. I offered to talk to his parents. (I know, all up in the business) He was, of course, scared to give me the phone. The other mother and I sat there crushed and heartbroken. When “aloof” teacher came back to get her phone from this crying little boy, I spoke up. Crazy? Possibly.

I told her that he had just offered to help the other teacher and that’s why he wasn’t sitting down. She maintained that she wanted him to sit down and he wasn’t listening to her. I thought, “Huh, is she serious?” I told her that I just didn’t want him to get in trouble for trying to help. She wasn’t moved. She went on to do something else. So when the other teacher appeared, the other mom and I stated our case to her. She was noticeably unmoved as all of this was going on. She kind of agreed with us and halfway acknowledged that she knew he hadn’t done anything wrong. Then she gave me a helpless look and said, “Well, she’s his grandmother.” What the??? I was shocked that “aloof” teacher was this child’s grandma! At that point, I told her I’d just be keeping my mouth shut. I felt all kinds of conflicted though. I knew he was going to be in big trouble for some nonsense, but it was his GRANDMA that set all this drama in motion. I guess sometimes it’s better to keep my trap shut.

Here’s hoping my choices don’t always bite me in the butt!

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17 comments on “Hot Topic Thursday: Shut it!”

  1. I think you should continue to speak up. It was awkward this time but the next time it may be needed.

    You know grandparents come from a time when they did things differently and they don’t want to realize this is a new day and how they handled things when they were coming up may not be the best move now. Poor baby.
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  2. My jaw dropped as I read the end of that story. Unbelievable! Something must be really wrong with that grandma. My heart goes out to the little boy… You were right about standing up for the little darling…

  3. Cam, good for you for standing up for the 3 year old instead of sitting back and watching it happen, regardless of whether or not it was the child’s grandmother, he sounded like he needed someone to be on his side at that very moment. Its a shame when relative treat their own kin like that, I have the exact opposite issue with my mom she lets the toddler get away with everything!! 🙂
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  4. Why was I all in this story like a book! LOL!!
    But I think you did the right thing by speaking up > BUT BUT BUT… I think you could have did it sooner before she called the parents and got them all involved. Because like you said he didn’t do anyhing wrong. I felt bad for him, who knows what was going through his head. Awwwwww smh. But grandma seems like a meany! LOL!

  5. Keep speaking up. It doesn’t hurt anything

    OAN I’ve only been to one church ( southside church of christ) where I could see and hear the sermon in the cry room. I wish all churches had this lol
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  6. Okay…my grandmother is probably rolling over in her grave!! BUT I gotta say it, sometimes grandparents need to be put in check. Be sure to get out of the way first just in case they are “old school” like mine were….LOL
    I think you did the right thing, there is a fine line between protecting children and minding your own business but I think you did good. 😉
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  7. Sounds like your motives were in the right place and after all is said and done that’s what I think counts. Lot’s of people would have sat by and let this child be victimized and not said a word. I think it took guts to go with your instincts. The fact that she’s grandma does not change the fact that she was falsely accusing her grandson. Great story. recently posted…God is for YouMy Profile

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