We’ve all heard of The Fairy Godmother. She’s in numerous fairy tales and and we can all agree she’s not real. So imagine my surprise when I got an email from The Fairy Hobmother. I thought it was spam or some sort of joke. I went straight to Google to see if I could find out more about this mysterious person.

I found out that The Fairy Hobmother is very real. He works for Appliances Online, a company based in the U.K. When he pays you a visit, he comes bearing gifts! Everybody likes that, right?

The purpose of the Fairy Hobmother is to spread the word by giving. I can get behind that. So I’m spreading the word. If you are a blogger, leave a comment here to get on the radar of  The Fairy Hobmother and he might pay you a visit.

Disclaimer: I was compensated by The Fairy Hobmother to spread the word.

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16 comments on “Fairies Are Real!”

  1. Fairy Hobmother where were you when my sink fell apart? You need to fly to my mother’s house ASAP and fix her fridge. It stops making ice and water when it feels like it and the whole fridge stops working every couple of days. Sprinkle your magic and make it work please. =)
    Amy recently posted…Easy Step To A Healthier PathMy Profile

  2. On today’s news was a story of a woman who has a business called the “The fairy maid” I think it was…anyway she breaks into people’s homes, cleans them and then leaves a bill. She was arrested this week and apparently had no idea that this “wasn’t OK” her argument at the time of arrest: “I’ve been doing this for years!”
    When I first saw your blog title I thought you maybe had seen that same story.
    Yours is a real fairy though!
    Kim @ The Family Practice recently posted…Changin Up an Old FavoriteMy Profile

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