My three year old is a hoarder. There it is. I said it. It’s out there. This little man goes through our house creating piles of stuff. He calls them towers. It’s sweet. It’s also a pile of toys.

It’s something that’s only started since he’s been three. Any toy that opens, needs to have things shoved inside. Eventually all those things will be dumped out in a heap. He collects the magnets off of the fridge, loose change, the dogs toys, crayons, and whatever else he can get his little fingers on.

I think he calls this display of DVD’s and stuffed lions “Pride Rock”. Riiight. 🙂
photo (26)It’s fascinating. The only problem is I think that he’ll be looking for something one day and not realize that he’s got it lumped in a heap somewhere. Apparently, that’s a worry I have all by myself. He seems to actually know where things are. Is that not a classic hoarder trait? We’ll be upstairs getting ready for bed and he’ll ask me about his green race car. My response is, “I don’t know where it is baby.” His response, “Mommy it’s downstairs in my dump truck.” Oh. Ok then.
I’m hoping this is just some phase he’s going through. I’ve heard that other kids do this too. Being a hoarder at three is cute. Being a hoarder at thirty-three not so much.

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  1. My three-year-old is SUCH a hoarder! My husband always tells me we have to go thin her piles (mountain) of toys out but I can never bring myself to do it. “Well what if she remembers a toy and her heart is broken that we threw it out?” Really maybe I’m a hoarder at 32. A hoarder-enabler?
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  2. Awwww don’t label him a hoarder just yet 😉 My 2 1/2 year old does the same thing and that green car conversation is similar to the ones we have daily about the random placement of her toys. It’s kinda funny! They have their own little quirks don’t they?

  3. lmao this made me laugh. Jas isn’t a hoarder but she doesn’t like to get rid of things unless i make her do it. Like girl, you don’t need to keep a teething ring, thats not whats hot.
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  4. LOL. Pookah is a hoarder too. I find tons of stuff in his bed when he wakes up. He just HAS to sleep with them. and right now in my den is a small corner with a pile of toys that he told me NOT to move. It will be there for the rest of the week if I let him!
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