Not too long ago, I was watching Behind the Music on VH1 and the artist featured was Ne-yo.

He had a pretty cool story about his struggle to get into the music business and life struggles overall. It’s always inspiring to see people come from less than ideal circumstances and make it. Whatever that “it” is. He was also promoting his latest album at the time. It’s called R.E.D. I hadn’t given the title much thought before. All the promotion for it seemed to be centered around the color red.

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During his Behind the Music episode he revealed that the name of his album is actually an acronym. R.E.D. stands for realizing every dream. He went on to explain that every dream he’d had for himself when he dreamed of being in the music business had actually come true. Then there were things in addition that he’d never even dreamed of. I thought that was pretty inspiring.

The fact that every dream he’d had has come true means that any good thing to happen in his career on top of what’s already happened is just more icing on a pretty fantastically iced up cake. It got me to thinking about my own dreams. Some of my dreams have definitely come true but not ALL of them. I couldn’t help but wonder what it must feel like to realize every last one of my dreams.

My guess is you then I’d be forced to dream even greater things for myself. Sounds like a hard knock life, huh? Not even!

Tell me, what are you doing to realize your dreams? Can you imagine if they ALL came true?

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